Sunday, December 28, 2008

The First Gift of Christmas

On Christmas Eve, after all the traditional happenings, it was time to settle the children down so the elves could get to work. Not an easy task. We had to read a few Christmas books: The Polar Express {we believe in this household & we do hear the ringing} and The Night Before Christmas. After reading that story I can never resist going to the front door and opening it to yell in my loudest & jolliest voice into the dark cold outside, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" This is the most embarrassing thing a parent can do in front of their older children. I don't care. I still do it. And they actually follow me, hanging back a few feet, to see if I'm really going to do it.
This time Andrew yelled out the door too. So fun..:)
Then comes the great pleasure of tucking Andrew into bed for a long winter's night. I knelt next to his bed for 10 minutes or so just listening to him talk about all his Christmas wishes. The first wish he explained in detailed was how he knew Santa would bring him a John Deer tractor to ride on in the back yard. This is the thing he asked Santa for when he saw him at his preschool Christmas Party. I couldn't help the smile and happy heart as I listened...

A very good friend of mine had called me a few weeks ago to get the okay on a special surprise for Andrew from her 10 year old son. He was given a front loader as a gift one year and has out grown it and wanted to pass it on to a fellow tractor lover. We all know Andrew's dream to be a "Working Dad." Plans were made and the time was set for the special delivery. How wonderful to be on this end of the giving. It felt so good to know that Andrew would be the receiver of such a thoughtful & perfect gift, especially since we could not possible give him that amazing wish this year.

So the bell rang and we rushed Andrew to the front door to answer it. He had already been asleep for ten minutes. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was so confused but so happy. He rode it into the house and road it around in the living room {still no furniture} and he gave Peter a few rides. Then I read the note to him.

And with a beaming smile he said, "Mom, I'm so happy right now." I'll always remember how that felt. Amazing. He'll be hearing the ringing of Santa's bells for a long time. We all will. Thank you dear friends.:)


carmen said...

I love this post. That's what it's all about!!

vicki said...

What a fun Mom you Hallen Kids have. She is so precious and I beleive the most positive and heavenly sent person I have ever met. I would take her as one of mine anyday. I "BELEIVE" too, always have and always will. Next year I'm going to yell into the cold night air on Christmans Eve, "Merry Christmas". If you listen I bet you'll be able to here me. :)

Ms. Kristen said...

wow! I didn't hear all the story! Amazing! One happy boy! You are in our thoughts as always. Hoping Peter a well recovery! Happy New Year!

carmen said...

Nola, I only just discoverd that people were leaving comments on my blog. (I thought nobody ever visited or left comments!) I found them accidentally, but they are on my blog, now. I loved what you wrote about the banana stickers!! Love you!