Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Precious Christmas Gifts

There was a Christmas surprise waiting for Peter when he got home from the hospital today. Tadpoles. Not just any common tadpoles. This was a well thought out plan with the help of a few kind hearted teachers and schoolmates. It all started with a school assignment for Addie in November. Her class was learning how to write persuasive essays and she had to write one. She choose to persuade us to get a pet. I think we should get a pet frog for Peter. Her reasons were good ones. One touched my heart, especially. A pet frog would make Peter happy then mom could make dinner without him crying... I read this at Addie's teacher parent conference. I didn't realize that before but she's right. Peter crys a lot during dinner prep hours. I guess he's tired, not feeling well, having to share mommy with brother and sisters, and I can't hold him as much. Mrs. Cherry {love that name for a teacher} made an offer. Another teacher had tadpoles in her class for a science project and they needed a home. So with the approval of the students, and a banning on a strict Hallen no indoor pet rule, we accepted the sweet offer. Peter is going to have frogs for Christmas.

Andrew introduced Peter to his new pals. Not too cuddly now but in a few weeks or so it's going to be real fun. Meagan's already named them Alec and Alice. Hmmm. Where did those names come from??? She's so obsessed with Twilight. We're going to have to come up with new names.

Peter loves them. He laughs when they wiggle around and when they kiss the glass. He is very entertained. A big thank you to Mrs. Cherry, Mrs. Taylor, & Mrs. Moffet's class. Soo Sweet. Very much appreciated.

And the other precious Christmas gift was given to us on Tuesday evening. The surgeon told us the results of the pathology from Peter's surgery. The margins are clear. That was the news we were hoping and praying for. This means that there's only a 5% chance of it reoccurring.

The surgery went well. It took about 3 1/2 hours. Peter did amazingly well during it. He lost less blood than they anticipated for this type of surgery. The surgeons had to remove the whole right side of the liver and gull bladder. An amazing fact about the liver. It will grow back in about a week a or two. Incredible. The incision scar is really big. It looks a like a Mercedes Benz emblem. He did very well during the recovery. He finally knew when not to fight. We spent the next four days and nights in the ICU with wonderful nurses and doctors. I have so much respect and love for them. Great people. I will always remember their kindness, love, professionalism, and care. They got us through some difficult nights.

We were told that we could be there for up to two weeks. What a blessing that Peter did so well and we could come home early. We knew Heavenly Father would answer our prayers. We just didn't know it would be this great. John was driving to L.A. every day and then sleeping at home and then going to work for a few hours and then back again. Long hours. The Papa's have been taking care of house and home. I've heard from the older sisters that Andrew was a handful. Grandma & grandpa have earned their wings {again}. We are all exhausted.

And we are so grateful...Welcome Christmas season. The season of miracles.
More experiences to share coming soon.


carmen said...

Nola, this is happy news. Merry Christmas!!

Purcell's Party said...

Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! I bumped into the "Papa's" and she whispered that he was coming home! What a Christmas miracle for your little family! We love you and hope he has continued successes in recovery!

amy said...

Nola, what wonderful news that the margins are clear. Mark was about to drive to the hospital to drop off a meal for you, but we're so happy to hear that you're home already! We've been thinking of Peter and your family every day and hoping and praying that all is well. Merry Christmas from Amy, Mark, Oliver, and Ivan in Eagle Rock

Ms. Kristen said...

Glad your home and all is well! Hip Hip Hooray....for inside pets. The happiness it brings to a child. I love tadpoles. Do you have a book about tadpoles? We need to get one for you...if you don't . You will always remember this Christmas miracle! I will too! Love you!