Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Love Apples

This made my day. And if you're an apple figure, it'll make your day too. Click here to read more about lovely apples

"Ignite the spotlight for middle figures. If your waist/hip or waist/bust ratio is greater than .75 {i'm not admitting this out loud}, absorb the glow of your moment. ...There are no bad or better body types. Swallow before the words "I'm exercising my way to an hourglass" spill out your mouth. They have their own jar or pickles. Now back to you, you and your soft delicious center. Your figure implies comfort with volume lying around your navel. You have the body type people want to cuddle. Especially tiny people, who most people call babies. Babies may have shaped your body into womanhood, and you should bear your wounds of motherhood with honor, not shame. Your waist is not a body flaw it is a body attribute..."

No more shame. Now I'm ready to face the world {okay, Andrew's preschool Christmas party} in my monochromatic outfit. Remember: Soft deliecous center...)

1 comment:

Ms. Kristen said...

Yes, I know the feeling. Soft and squisssy. Hunter loves me to snuggle at night. I am soft and warm! So does Shane!
You sound good! I call mom to check on the old people and then I check on Peter too! Hope he continues to heal!