Saturday, December 20, 2008

Date Night

It's late. Everybody is asleep. I'm waiting to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer so it gives me a few minutes to tidy up and blog. Yes, I actually cleaned up first. Proud of myself for keeping my priorities straight. It wasn't easy though.
We're starting a new tradition in our household.
Fun Fridays.
We pick up pizza for dinner. {that's not new}
Settle down and relax at home. And then: Let the games begin.
Okay, that's the only new thing there.
I realized a couple of things that made me wake up and want take hold of the time we have with our children. First thing, Meagan is 13 and soon will be wanting to go out with friends on Friday nights {natural evolution of a teenager. yuk}. She's going to figure out how uncool her parents really are and want to have grown up fun with friends. I think we have her fooled a little right now. But she's a smart one and I think she's catching on. And then I realized that every Friday night we sit down in front of the t.v. to be entertained for the rest of the night. That's so wrong because I'm quite entertained by my children.
So I shocked everybody a couple of Fridays ago when I announced that we were going to turn off the tv and play a game. I think I saw John roll his eyes and then I heard Andrew ask what that meant, play a game. Addie got into the FHE mode and started delegating the prayer, song, lesson, and treat.
So we played charades using Christmas song and movie titles. It was painful at first. Really painful. But we ended up laughing really hard. I dare you to invite us over for Christmas Charades. We have our own hand mimes for Christmas out.
Tonight we taught them how to play spoons the Hallen way. I'm embarrassed to admit that we haven't played that simple game with them yet. They've played at friends homes with other families but not with us. Shame on us. Bad parents. That was such a basic game for me growing up. My brother, Bert, could fake a grab for the spoon that got me every time. John, though, he's a sly one. He sneaks the spoon and, well, let me just say...I dare you to invite us over to play spoons. Even our cool teenager was loving the game. So fun.
Next week, creepy crawlies. Is that what it's called??? I'd asked John but he's asleep.
Oh, the washer's done.


Meagan said...

First, I don't think my parents are "uncool". I do want to have friends over on Fridays & Saturdays. & you haven't fooled me yet...=]

carmen said...

You'll have to teach me about spoons!! I have no idea, and it sounds really FUN!!

Nola said...

Hi Carmen, You've probably played spoons but called it something else. But just in case here's how to play. It's a card game. So we had 5 of us playing and we needed 4 spoons. One spoon less than the number of people playing, like musical chairs but with cards. You deal out 4 cards to each person. Then the dealer starts by picking from the stack of cards and passing on a card to the next person. The last person just makes a stack with the unwanted cards. You want to get four of a kind. You can only have four cards in your hand at one time. You can go fast or slow. When you get four of a kind then you grab a spoon from the middle. Then others have to hurry and grab a spoon too, even if they don't have four of a kind. The one that doesn't get a spoon looses. We called it spoons because like the basketball game "horse" you spell out spoon and the first one to spoon looses and then you can hit that person on the back of the hand with the spoon. We didn't do that with the kids last night. John didn't know about that last detail...I wonder if Bert made that part up. That used to really hurt. Okay, what fun games do you play with your children? By the way, thanks for always leaving comments. I love reading them. It makes my day. You're the sweetest. Love ya!

Thuh Daynuh's said...

You are very brave, Nola! Way to go! I hate to think what my kids would do to each other with spoons. :)

Amy Strong said... are TOTALLY invited over to our house for FHE to play Christmas charades and spoons. Call me and let me know the next possible Monday night to snag your family. I'll provide the sugar too--you just might only lose 3 pounds this month instead of 4:-)