Friday, December 19, 2008


Let the Christmas festivities begin...
{A photo essay}
Hallen's feeling the joy of Winter and the hustle & bustle of our Christmas prep.
It all started with the gift of snow in Mentone.
Andrew & Addie couldn't resist playing for an hour in their P.J.'s out in the blizzard.
I think they were able to make five snow balls before the snow turned back to rain.
Look at that snow line. [minus the telephone lines]
View from our backyard.
The kids are counting this as their first gift.

Why is there always fighting???
The coveted kitchen step stool.
Please, Santa, bring us another stool...

Dad, taking a break...a 2 hour computer game break.

Meagan found this cute little beanie from little brother,
Andrew's, drawer and has worn it all week.
I can't believe it fits her.
She must not have the big Hallen head.

Meagan playing her greatest hits.
Peter playing the piano with the wooden horse.

Addie was busy for the past two days making a gift for her teacher.

Chocolate thumbprints for the Cookie Exchange.
Very yum. Very chocolaty...

Last, but not least,
making & packaging up John's handouts for his office people.
[The only clean spot in the kitchen]
Tomorrow's photo essay:
Me, mom, cleaning the festivities mess...
So glad Meagan is off from school. Oh, I love having children.