Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

I love Christmas. I love the color red. Thank you, Ma Kempton, for that. This is a little something that Addie made {for somebody for Christmas} with my much loved, button collection. I love it. She sewed on the buttons. Andrew painted the frame that came from a garage sale [of course]. Addie if you read this...I want one just like it.

I love this Santa that Andrew made at preschool. He looks so cheerful displayed in our family room. I love how you can curl construction paper with a pencil. I have to get this down about Andrew's thoughts regarding Santa Claus. He's been thinking hard about him these past few weeks. Andrew thinks that Santa lives by Heavenly Father. Sweet. And the other day I noticed a pile of coins under Andrew's Christmas tree in his room. Is he trying to bribe Santa??? Nope, he just wants to help him out with the cost of his presents
What consideration!
I can't wait for Andrew to open up his present that I just finished making for him tonight. He has been asking for a new quilt for his bed. The one he has on his bed is old. John & I received it from Aunt Gloria 18 yrs ago. It's dark blue on one side and matches his room. But it has a couple of rips. Andrew's really upset about this. So I went to the day after Thanksgiving sale to buy some flannel for his new quilt. I had to act pretty pathetic to get it. Long story. I also bought material for another little boy who needed a blanket, a friend adopted a family for CHRISTmas, and we signed up to help with that one thing. So poor Andrew had to hear all about this other little boy needing a blanket. John tells me of the night time dialogue from Andrew as he's tucking him to bed. "Dad, why doesn't mom just make me a blanket? I know she has the stuff to make it." So John put an extra blanket on him last night. Tonight, I tucked him into bed. "Mom, do you think they make blankets with construction trucks on it? Cause, I would really like that for a blanket. You have some on your ironing board." I told him that material was for a little boy who needed a blanket. He told me that he liked little blankets. Oh, I'm braking his heart making him wait until Christmas morning. I put another blanket on him. I can't wait to see him open that present. That's what Christmas is all about for me...I love it.

Candy can Christmas tree ornament.
I made this for a ornament exchange last week.
I wanted to keep this too.
It's made out of ribbon tied on to a real candy cane.
Only three more things to do and finish before Christmas eve. Yikes.
The panic is beginning...


Lindsey said...

I love red too!! And you guys ended up doing the ornament exchange??!! Oh, I am so sad. I am sure it was wonderful. Someone needs to post all the different ornaments, and I am totally coping Addie's frame and that candy cane. Totally cute. Nola you are so awesome. I miss you. :)

Ms. Kristen said...

Fun at the Hallen House! Love the button frame! And....glad cute Andrew is getting his blanket~ Very fun to give!