Friday, December 26, 2008

It's over already...

So many pictures and moments to choose from

but here are a few of the highlights of our
Christmas Celebration.

Never wake up a sleeping baby...

Not even on Christmas morning to open presents.

Hurry! Give him some chocolate. And he ate chocolate all day long.

That ought to be real good for the liver.

I used to get really upset and uptight seeing my children eating candy before breakfast on Christmas Morning. I guess I'm over that. Life is too short...:)

Ahhh, Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa Hallen's home.

Delicious ham dinner and gifts as place cards.

The Nativity produced & directed by Addie & Madi.
Sydney happily accepted the role of Mary and of course Andrew was Joseph.
Uncle Gary played the role of the donkey.
We've had fights in past years of who gets to play this role.

Who can resist taking a picture of baby legs???
Cute, sweet Kendall.

The Christmas Pinata from Aunt Kaye.
She makes them every year for us.
Grandpa filled it with the good candy this year.

Christmas Eve.
The first gift of Christmas went to a very deserving person this year...
More details on this major highlight.
Thank you Santa angel!
"Mom. I'm so happy right now." -Andrew

Addie is now a proud owner of a Webkinz Zoo.

Meagan patiently waiting to open a gifts.
It's tough being the oldest.

Happy children.

Happy Peter.

What a blessing!

He's hardly cried these past few days.

That is definitely a Christmas Highlight!


Ms. Kristen said...

Fun! to see your family! I love the picture of Meg waiting patiently! Merry Christmas!

carmen said...

Glad to see you all having a wonderful Christmas!! Cute pictures. You are amazing. I've been too tired to post my pix or blog. Hopefully, I'll have it done before Christmas break...

Cheryl said...

I love all the fun pictures of the kids. But my favorite is Gary being the donkey!