Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cookies. Cookies. Who gets the Cookies?

Thanks again for playing Where in Redlands and Beyond. You've helped to make our spring break fun.

Here are the answers you've all been patiently waiting for:

#1 Ford Park

Day #2 Gardens at the University of Redlands


#4 Crafton Hills Conservancy

#5 Santa Fe Redlands Train Depot

Green Valley Produce, Yucaipa



#9 Pinkberry, Victoria Gardens

#10 Mill Creek

#11 Jennifer Jensen's Chicken Coop & Citrus Grove
{I'll be getting fresh eggs from Jennifer this {Easter} weekend for hollandaise sauce and custard for the banana cream pie and fresh oranges for yummy orange rolls}
and the winner is.....
The Poulsens
I'll call you and make plans for bringing over the cookies.
There was a three way tie for second place: Gina, Anne, & Megan. We'll probably play this again this summer. Hope you'll join us again. Thanks everybody!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Visiting the Neighbors

Day #11 {Oh, Henry!} That's this peacock's name. Remember I said that we would visit some well known and not so well known spots in Redlands and beyond. This is probably a not so well known spot, but we had to bring you along for the ride.

When I heard that they had baby chicks I knew that we had to stop for a visit. My camera battery died so I only took a few pictures. I didn't get a shot of the baby chicks. They were so sweet too. This place belongs to the Martha Stewart of ........, I almost said where. More about this amazing person when we give all the answers tomorrow.

I guess this is the last day for the contest.
The last real day of Spring Break.
We're so sad that it's come to an end already.
But we had a lot of fun in our adventures of Redlands and beyond.
We still have so many places to go.
We'll save them for next time.
Thanks for playing along!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring or Summer?

Day #10 {Digging through the archives} Okay, this isn't what we did today.
The girls went shopping to a far away outlet mall and we didn't take pictures. So we went digging through our past photos and this was another fun day we had.

Where to cool off on a hot summer's day?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Indoors Today

Day #9
{taking cover indoors from the wind} It was another treat day, but no dilly bars this time. Something much, much better.

Have you've been here?
Let's all go together.
Call us...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Good Company

Day #8 Another Day at the Park. I know. It's blurry, but I love it. Addie took it and she focused on the grass, so the grass isn't blurry. Besides, if we post one of the other pictures we took, it will give our spot away. Just too many clues.

We're going to have to excuse a few people from guessing this time around. Cheryl, Kate, & Amy. Kate's new in town so I knew she didn't have a chance with this location. We had to invite her and little cutie, Paul, to join us. Then we invited the cousins too. We haven't seen them the whole spring break. Then I was talking to Amy about visiting teaching and had to invite her along. Does that count as visiting teaching? I thought so. Next, I talked to Lisa and before I knew it I was inviting her and she invited Lindsey. Lots of children running around. Only a few got hurt. I've never seen a goose egg that big a child's forehead before. Poor Peter. They went home dizzy from all the fun.

{photo by: Meagan}

Monday, March 22, 2010

Always Searching

Day #7 {Meagan & her ipod} I guess this spring break adventure isn't exciting enough to capture her attention. So where ever we go she searches on her ipod touch for wi-fi.

And she found it here.
You guys are amazing and so are your guesses. Redlands and beyond would be proud. So, we're going to try to make the photo spot of the day more difficult. But I have a feeling that we won't be able to shake you. Let's see.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Orange Blossoms in the Air

Day #6: The only soda worth getting.
Stewart's orange cream soda. It's so good.

But where do you find it?
I used to get it at Loma Linda Hospital in the cafeteria.
And here too.
Just a little note on who's winning so far.
Rach, Purcell's Party, and Gina are only one behind. Let's do six more days and see who gets the plate of cookies.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Going Places...

Day #5 {Once upon a time} This must've been a bustling place many years ago. I heard it used to be the place where the farmer's went to market.

I'm always giving out too many clues.

I'm sure you all know where this is.

But, have you ever taken your children there

to explore and walk the line?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Hills are Alive...

Day #4: {Could this be Ireland?} Not. The blue sky gives us away.

*note to those playing along that haven't been able to leave comments because you don't have a google account. I fixed that little problem. So rewrite those comments and get caught up. Just remember to leave your name in the comment. Otherwise, it will say anonymous and I won't know who to take the plate of cookies to.

Where or where in Redlands and beyond could this be?
Would you like your husband to take
your little children and big ones too
on a nice hike when he gets home from work?
This is a perfect one to send them on.
I love day light savings time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Where in Redlands

Day #3 {Rolling down the hill}

maybe you didn't know it had a hill, but Peter found one.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quite Spot

Day #2

{a place for reflecting & relaxing}except when you have Peter & Andrew running around close by.

This one might be a hard one so make your best guess.

After reviewing a few of your comments we took pity on you and decided to revise the picture.

One with a few clues.

Go ahead and make a second guess if you need.
photo taken by: Meagan

Monday, March 15, 2010

Let the Game Begin!

The game is on. But first we need to go over the rules. Maybe there's just one rule. At the end of spring break will be when we divulge the places of the daily photo spot, just in case we have some late comers. And I hope we do. Wow. What a pleasant surprise to see that we have 6 or 7 interested players. We might have more fun doing this than you. We'll see.

Thanks for playing along. Oh, since the first photo was only a teaser than we feel we should tell you where in Redlands we took that photo. And a few of you were close, but only one person actually wrote the correct location. Heather Case. It was taken at the entrance gate to Kimberly Crest. Way to go Heather! Good eye.

Day #1: {Dilly Bar Day} We're going to start off with a very familiar spot. This is an easy one.

What will we be eating tomorrow?

I mean, where will we be tomorrow?

Remember spread the word.

The more players the merrier...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the Fun of it

Looking for some family fun? Good. We're taking on a project for Spring break and thought you'd all like to join in on the fun. Every day we're going to a well known or not so well known spot in infamous Redlands and beyond and take photos. If you think you know the photo spot of the day or want to make a guess leave a comment. At the end of Spring break who ever has correctly guessed the most spots will receive a handsome yummy reward; a plate of the Hallen's Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies. So spread the word. Let the contest begin...
Monday, March 15th

Here's a teaser. {photo by Addie}
Guess where in Redlands or beyond.
Do you know this spot?
I think you do.

Is there anybody out there who wants to play???

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Favorite Spot

I was reading in my new favorite spot this morning... Wait. I have to say something about my new favorite spot. I don't know why it's taken me so long to figure this out but I'm so glad that I did. I moved a comfy chair in my bedroom, on my side of the bed, with a lamp over head next to my nightstand with a stack of books and the current Ensign piled nicely on top and a window over my shoulder that lets in the warm morning sun. Doesn't that sound so perfect? I want to go to there right now.

I love my new morning routine. I've always gotten out of bed when John awakes to get ready for work. I've always ironed his clothes that he's going to wear to work that day. That's actually when I wake up. I know. It's so 50's. But I love to do it. I like to see my husband in nice, pressed clothes. I get myself ready for the day. Hang up or put away clothes and straighten up the bathroom and occasionally make my bed. Then I leave my room for the rest of the day. And I always have a hard time finding time to read my scriptures or the Ensign.

For some reason having my new spot makes it easy for me to read my scriptures and a little something from the Ensign and a "Did you think to pray" moment. So nice.

And this morning I read a short message about saying thank you.
Here's a quote, a glimpse of what I read: "Think of the things you are grateful for,” the speaker said. “Think of the people who have taught you, encouraged you, loved you, and made a positive difference in your life.” Then he said: “Now think back. Have you told them you are grateful for them and why? That is something we each can and should do. Tell them in person, by phone, in a note, or in a letter. We can start today. Let’s do it!”

I've already written lots of thank you notes these past few months to every person that's helped me and my family. There's been dozens. Many times a thank you note feels so inadequate in expressing my gratitude. I wish I could give everybody something like flowers to show how they brightened up our days. That's a good idea. I could do that.

I can't help myself. I'm going to have to make a list. I love making to do lists. If you need help or instruction on How to make a list, this will help you. This was a long list and most of it is checked off. My favorite: what to do a rainy day list . I don't always get everything checked off but if I write it here than I know I'll be diligent.

  1. Brother & Sister Kempton. {my long time best friend's parents}
  2. Dr. Muskett {Peter's peditrican that found the tumor}
  3. Dr. Horvath & Dr. Haigiat { Peter's oncologist}
  4. Dr. Sedorack {Peter's surgeon}
  5. Phyllis {ileostomy nurse}
  6. Brother Evans {a friend & doctor in the 4th ward}
  7. Dr. Nugyen {my surgeon}
  8. Doug & Kathy {my substitutes}

I better add stationary to my favorite spot.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quote of the Day

The quote of the day was by Andrew today. I over heard him saying to Peter, "Peter, you're not the king of the house. Dad is. No Mom is. Mom you're the king of the house."

I have high hopes for him. He's going to have life figured out early. Now if I could just get him to put away his shoes...

Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Adventure

Something that my ileostomy nurse, Phyllis, said to me in my hospital room on that dreadful day when I was struggling to cope with Yeti, has stuck with me every day since. The weight and overwhelming realization that my life was never going to be the same, or at least the part that dealt with my bathroom needs was greatly altered. {*note to unassuming reading: this is going to contain some potty talk.} Going to the bathroom used to be so simple. I never appreciated the simplicity of eating whatever I wanted nor my body's automatic digestive process ending with sitting on the toilet, wiping, and flushing, not even having to look at the output in the bowl. Life was so simple.

Phyllis had finished instructing me about "the bag". I listened and acted interested but all I wanted to do was close my eyes and not wake up again or wake up to find that it was just a horrible night mare. So I closed my eyes but when I opened them I was still in a place that I wasn't excited about and the tears came. Phyllis was surprised. She thought she did something to hurt me. Finally, all I could say was that I was having a hard time mentally dealing with the bag. She was so funny and said, "oh, you're having a moment."

With great care, wisdom, and compassion she explained exactly the feelings I was experiencing, which made me cry more. Then came the pep talk. She explained that we're all on this amazing experience, life. But I'm on a new adventure. That's all it is. An adventure. It's not the one I wanted or asked for. But it's the one I've been given and it's still an adventure. And it'll be what I make of it. And she said a few more things about other people's adventures. But my mind stood still on the thought that I love adventures.

I grew up with three brothers and an adventurous father. He took us out all over the Arizona deserts and mountains to explore, climb, and discover. I had many great adventures. I remember once we were near the Superstition Mountains north of Apache Junction for the day riding our motor cycles. Us kids had one little motor cycle to share between us so while we waited our turn we explored. I was always hopeful that I would discovery a new cave or sight that nobody had known about. That day I actually came across an old abandoned dug out cabin or some kind of dwelling. Maybe it belonged to the Lost Dutchman. It was exciting.

What a blessing Phyllis and her talk of adventures has been to me. And now while I look out my windows and see all the green hills and snow capped mountains I can't wait to climb to their tops.
For another {uplifting} story about mountains click on this. I loved what was said about the difficult climbs. “To appreciate the height, you must experience the bottom,” he says. “You can’t appreciate the end without understanding the process.”