Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Says Bribery Isn't a Good Thing?

It's good when you have something to motivate your teenager with... Meagan has become obsessed with the Twilight saga. She started reading the series a year ago. I can only blame myself. When she finished reading a previous book series by Shannon Hale, which she loved, she was in search for something just as good. I recommended Twilight to her {i read it earlier in the year when i was radioactive and quarantined} and she frowned at me. How could she like something that her old mama liked? Then she became desperate for something good and fun to read. Finally she read it and the rest is history.

I feel like I'm reliving my teenage life. That's a good thing. I took Meagan and a bunch of her friends to the midnight release of Breaking Dawn in August. Fun.

During the summer she worked on a personal progress project {click on that to see it} and her obsession is stitched into the project. Clever girl.

A few weeks ago when the Twilight sound track was about to be released Meagan heard that the store Hot Topic was going to have a sneak listening premier and play it over their store speakers one time only. She had to go. She's been such a trooper during this whole cancer thing with Peter. How could I deny her this huge opportunity? So we went. Okay, Hot Topic is not a nice, clean, wholesome place to hang out in.

My mom used to bribe me & my brothers with Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen {love those things}when we were young to get us to clean our rooms and the house. So I know the skillful art of bribery first hand...thanks Marie. Every parent should perfect this skill. Here's the deal that was made to both Meagan & Addie {she read Twilight too}. Way back when we heard that there was a movie being made of the book I told the girls that if they would learn to play two songs from the hymn book or children's song book on the piano with, yes, both hands, and play them for us for Family Home Evening {click on that if you don't know what F.H.E. is}

Can you tell I just learned how to add links in my posting??? I'm so excited. Thanks Rachelle for that lesson. anyway... we could sing along with the piano that I would take them to the midnight showing of Twilight.

They did it. I had to remind them a few times when I over heard them telling their friends that they were going to the midnight showing of Twilight. Have you learned your two songs yet? Man that was fun. Meagan learned I am a Child of God and Come Thou Fount. Addie learned Book of Mormon Stories and We are Different. I am loving this parenting thing. So fun. See you at the movies.


Janice said...

What a wonderful bonding time for you and your girls. I look foward to the time when I get to do similar things with my own daughter. Have Fun!!

The Molino Family said...

I love her quilt!! great job meagan!

carmen said...

Well, okay, since Meagan is such a huge Twilight Fan, you ought to have her check out my blog. We go camping in the Olympic National Park all the time, and we have celebrated 4th of July in Forks on several occassions!! The town itself isn't so spectacular, but the surrounding areas are really beautiful, including La Push. We have had youth conferences up on First Beach, where Erik and I chapparoned. Only a small portion of the movie was filmed in WA State, most of it was filmed in Oregon. Stephenie Myer didn't even ever come up to the Peninsula until after she had written the books. Anyway, as you can imagine, there is lots of hype, and the town of Forks is enjoying it's new found fame. At the movie last night, there were a bunch of Forks students there (there's no movie theatre in Forks) and they all had their Forks Football jersey's on. The all cheered when the Welcome to Forks sign was shown in the movie. We actually play them in football, and as you enter town there's a huge sign that reads, Welcome Twilight Fans. That's how I got interested. On our way to the game, all the cheerleaders talked non-stop about the books and the movie, and I decided I better read the first book before the movie came out. Well, once I read the first one, I couldn't stop!! I'll have to send Meagan some Twilight paraphanellia. They are making a killing up here on all the touists that are visiting Forks to see where Edward and Bella lived!! I'll try to send you a video clip to your e-mail address, but in case you don't get it, check your facebook, because I know how to send there for sure. Love you, NOLA!! And you are a way fun mom!!

Meagan said... worth it!! i totally encourage anyone to do that!! LOL!! & i'm seeing Twilight lyk 3 times!!! {i hope so!!}

rach said...

Your such a cool mom! I'm watching it on Thursday. Im right there with you Meagan, Im sure I'll be watching it more than once in the theatre.

Ms. Kristen said...

Just got back from the movies! Loooooovvvved it! I love Edward! I made Shane give me teeth marks on my neck so I would look like someone bite me! J/K
You are a smart mom! Way to go....bribery works best!

Nola said...

Hey Carmen, Sounds like you live in an exciting place. We're going to have to go up to Washington for a visit. Any ideas for a Twilight gift for Meagan for Christmas?