Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness...Thanks Veterans!

This Veteran's Day started off as just another break from school and work.

First breakfast. I was going to do buttermilk waffles but we got a craving for Fish LaKe French toast. Very yummy! {I'll share the recipe if I get a lot of request}.
The Papa's took all the grandchildren to see Madagascar II with Gary. We know some children are going to have a fun day...) While John & I took Peter to another doctor's appointment. After the appointment we took Peter to see the cows in Ontario, a few more miles away, but worth the drive.
Peter loves cows.

He gets so excited to see them up close and to hear them mooing.

He copies them and moos too.

His white count is really low again, so we kept him in the car and rolled down his window. He admires them from afar. He loves every minute. Going out to the dairy gives John a chance to scooped up some free fertilizer for the garden. The ride home is a smelly one.
Later that afternoon when we were all back together and waving our flags in the back yard, some one asked what Veteran's Day was for..??? Then the feeling of shame hit me. I have so much to teach them...
"Veteran’s Day is a day mixed with feelings of honor, grief and pride for those who have served our country. People of all faiths, races and backgrounds have given their lives and services to defend what we believe in, and we thank them for that."
I reminded them about some of our relatives that were in the service. Like Grandpa Merril. He enlisted in the army at 17 years old, lying about his age so he could fight and defend out country in WWII. He became a MP and landed on Utah Beach on D-Day. Amazing that he survived. He didn't talk about his war experiences with us much. But I've read and watched movies and documentaries {thanks to John}about WWII and other wars. I can only imagine what he and others endured and did in defending our liberties and freedoms. I am so grateful to be an American. So grateful for men and women who have the courage and honor to fight for us.


Ms. Kristen said...

He better come one of these years to work on The Hatch cow ranch! He can hear all the "Moo's" he wants there! Cute! I love the moo lips!
Sorry about clicking over so much on the phone today! Busy busy!

carmen said...

Yet another funny, inspirational, tear-jerking post. Thanks, Nola. That little Peter of yours is quite the cutie!