Monday, November 10, 2008

Favorite Meal of the Day

This is a Hallen Family Fav...}
Buttermilk Waffle/Pancake Recipe. We'll be having these tasty darlings in the morning.
Mix: 2 1/2 c. buttermilk
2 eggs
add in 2 1/4 c. flour
4 T sugar
1 1/2 t baking powder
1/2 t salt
1/2 t baking soda
mix well
next: add in 2 T melted butter
let batter rest for 5 minutes
makes lots of pancakes or about 8 Belgian waffles
Andrew likes them topped with whipping cream, no butter. Meagan, Addie, & Peter like them with butter and syrup. John enjoys them with a slathering of cold butter on each quarter of the waffle topped with syrup. And I like them fresh off the iron with only butter {unless we have strawberries}. They melt in your mouth.
We first started making these after our 2005 Church History Nauvoo Trip. Every hotel we stayed in offered a continental breakfast. They had waffle irons and batter for us to make our own waffles. We loved it. So when I saw the waffle iron at Costco a few weeks later I had to buy it.
For three years now, almost every Saturday, and sometimes for dinner, we make these waffles. Lately we've made pancakes. Either way, it's one of our favorite meals.


Purcell's Party said...

You should charge people money for your recipes, I swear!!! You are so amazing at everything you touch, I love it! What an example you are to all of us who strive to be better mothers and wives. Thanks for the recipe, I am excited to try it!

carmen said...

Sounds yummy, can't wait to try 'em!! Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, too, wheather it's in the morning or at night!!

Tricia said...

I'm glad to see this again...I still want to use it! I guess I will need to buy buttermilk..... I've never bought it before can you believe that? I'm sure it's not hard to believe. Tell Meagan to send to an invite to her blog. Although lately it seems I can't get into private blogs even when invited...hmmm

Janice said...

Butter and maple syrup for me! I grew up in a "waffle family". We all loved and still do love having waffles for breakfeast and dinner. Wheat waffles are a Varga tradition, one that I've carried on with my own family. The are soooo delicious. The kids love them, and so do we!!

Johnson's Nutshell said...

It is great to hear that Peter went through his last round well. I already copied the buttermilk recipe down & cant wait to try it. My only problem is that I dont know where to get buttermilk in Mexico. They dont sell it at the regular grocery store. These sound so tasty though, I am going to do a search of the whole city!! :) Now can I make a request for the recipe for those yummy yummy roles you always bring to the Thanksgiving feast at preschool? Those are so good. If you dont mind sharing, those are the BEST!!!