Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Tricks but lots of Treats

Trick or treating was kind of different when I was little. Lots of homemade costumes, pillowcases for treat bags, and tricks. Yes, I had a neighbor that made us do a trick for the treats. John tells the story of his favorite childhood costume. Darth Vader. His mom made the mask out of a Clorox bottle. He smelt Clorox all night. He teases her that the fumes burnt his nostrils.

Peter {Charlie Brown}
got to trick or treat a few neighbors and the Papa's home.

Andrew enjoying his sugar straw.
Oh, the glory of Halloween Night.

Addie the nerd with her nerdy friend, Danika.
John and I provided Addie's nerd costume from our personal closet.

Meagan is an obsessed Twilight fan. It's a stretch for her.
I'm a witch. That's a stretch for me too.
Andrew's a transformer, optimise prime
Notice the vampire jack o lantern.{home grown}

Meagan and friends at the church party.
That's Maryn Miner as Cousin It.


Ms. Kristen said...

Love the Charlie Brown costume!! So fun! I heard about your night from Grandma! I heard Papa had fun passing out candy!
I will post soon! I have errands to run!

carmen said...

What FUN! It looks like you all had a great time. Great nerd outfits and Peter looked absolutely adorable as Charlie Brown, What a great idea!! I love you, Nola!!

Natalie said...

Nola - Your family is so cute. It has been a long time sence we lived in Redlands. Nice to you had a great time for halloween.

The Molino Family said...

Love the Charlie Brown idea! so creative!