Sunday, November 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Peter's home. It's always a joyous drive home from the hospital with Peter. He gets so excited in the car. He notices everything out his window and says, "wow" the whole way home. The next four hours are like Christmas morning. He rediscovers his old toys, brother, sisters, and the pantry. I'm learning not to take home for granted.

Peter's AFP [I talked about this test in a previous posting] was down again. It's only 22 now. Still on the down slope which is good news. Now we are looking forward to the ct scan in a few weeks. Our prayers and hope is that the findings will show that the tumor is very small {or gone}.


Janice said...

What a blessing. I hope it's your last hospital stay for a while. This experience that your family has been going through is such a testimony to me on the power of prayer, fasting and hope. I hope the next week is a good one!

Ms. Kristen said...

Welcome home!

carmen said...

Nola, you have been an inspiration to me as a mother and as a daughter of God. Our family is holding a special fast for your family and for Peter this Sunday. He has been in our thoughts and prayers throughout this ordeal. We are excited when we read the good news in your blog. You have really helped our family to learn to appreciate every day and learn to handle our trials with an eternal perspective. I love you, Nola.