Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here We Go Again

We're off to the hospital to start the last round of chemo. Hooray! We're hoping it's the last time. He has been a happy boy these past two weeks. Almost back to the happy and fun little boy he was before, except for the central line coming out of chest. He calls the central line his babies. He hasn't had his out patient chemo these past two weeks because of some of the side effects. Droopy eyes, numbing sensations in his fingers and feet. It should all get back to normal when this is over. Peter is a brave warrior.
I've packed all his favorite toys, books, movies...and left the house in a mess. Sorry kids. You have extra jobs to do this weekend.


Johnson's Nutshell said...

Good luck this time. I hope it is Peter's last round!

Janice said...

Your family amazes me every day with the way you so gracefully handle such difficult trials. You all are awesome and we pray for you all the time. I pray for the day that this is a trial of the past! We love you guys!

Ms. Kristen said...

How's my Peter doing? I did get your message....been busy! I am sure you figured it out!
How is mama doing? When do you come home?
You are in my prayers constantly!
Love ya!
Auntie Kristen

carmen said...

Best of Luck to Peter and the rest of your family. I hope this will be the last of the chemo for Peter. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers daily, Nola. I hope you know that. Love you!