Monday, November 24, 2008


What a relief...On Saturday afternoon John & Andrew went to a friend's home to watch the much anticipated yearly GAME. What game you ask??? Only the biggest rivalry in Mormon culture. The U{university of Utah} vs. BYU. I think that John and his brother, Gary are the only Ute fans in the ward. I was a little leery when he left to be in a crowd of proud cougar fans. Now that's scary. I heard that they sing the fight song every time they make a touch down. They are devout.

The "U" remains undefeated. They won the big game this year 48-24. John was very pleased to be able to wear his Utah tie to church to rub it in to all.
When I saw this picture on c jane enjoy it I had to copy and post it. Fun rivalry. But the "U" remains supreme. It is the school of the Prophets. {I hope I don't get a lot of hate mail} Yikes. What was I thinking???


carmen said...

I root for the Cougs, but I thought this was real cute!!

Head Case said...

Did you know that the President of BYU is a Ute Alum? traitor