Monday, September 29, 2008

Personal Progress

This is a little spot light on Meagan. What a girl! Between Grandma Kathy and I, she learned how to make a patch work quilt from the very beginning to the end. She did most of it herself until it was time to quilt. Then thanks to Grandma and yes, Grandpa Doug too, the quilt was finally finished. She's still trying to add up the hours it took to make this quilt. I think over 75 hours. Now her blue & brown themed room looks complete. She quilted her boyfriends name in one of the squares. Edward Cullen. Any Twilight lovers out there?


Megs said...

Ugh! Mom! He is NOT my boyfriend!! hehe...i wish....for more Twilight info, check out my website:

carmen said...

Impressive quilt, Meagan! And by the way, I think you make a prettier Bella than the girl that they picked for the movie!!