Thursday, March 11, 2010

Favorite Spot

I was reading in my new favorite spot this morning... Wait. I have to say something about my new favorite spot. I don't know why it's taken me so long to figure this out but I'm so glad that I did. I moved a comfy chair in my bedroom, on my side of the bed, with a lamp over head next to my nightstand with a stack of books and the current Ensign piled nicely on top and a window over my shoulder that lets in the warm morning sun. Doesn't that sound so perfect? I want to go to there right now.

I love my new morning routine. I've always gotten out of bed when John awakes to get ready for work. I've always ironed his clothes that he's going to wear to work that day. That's actually when I wake up. I know. It's so 50's. But I love to do it. I like to see my husband in nice, pressed clothes. I get myself ready for the day. Hang up or put away clothes and straighten up the bathroom and occasionally make my bed. Then I leave my room for the rest of the day. And I always have a hard time finding time to read my scriptures or the Ensign.

For some reason having my new spot makes it easy for me to read my scriptures and a little something from the Ensign and a "Did you think to pray" moment. So nice.

And this morning I read a short message about saying thank you.
Here's a quote, a glimpse of what I read: "Think of the things you are grateful for,” the speaker said. “Think of the people who have taught you, encouraged you, loved you, and made a positive difference in your life.” Then he said: “Now think back. Have you told them you are grateful for them and why? That is something we each can and should do. Tell them in person, by phone, in a note, or in a letter. We can start today. Let’s do it!”

I've already written lots of thank you notes these past few months to every person that's helped me and my family. There's been dozens. Many times a thank you note feels so inadequate in expressing my gratitude. I wish I could give everybody something like flowers to show how they brightened up our days. That's a good idea. I could do that.

I can't help myself. I'm going to have to make a list. I love making to do lists. If you need help or instruction on How to make a list, this will help you. This was a long list and most of it is checked off. My favorite: what to do a rainy day list . I don't always get everything checked off but if I write it here than I know I'll be diligent.

  1. Brother & Sister Kempton. {my long time best friend's parents}
  2. Dr. Muskett {Peter's peditrican that found the tumor}
  3. Dr. Horvath & Dr. Haigiat { Peter's oncologist}
  4. Dr. Sedorack {Peter's surgeon}
  5. Phyllis {ileostomy nurse}
  6. Brother Evans {a friend & doctor in the 4th ward}
  7. Dr. Nugyen {my surgeon}
  8. Doug & Kathy {my substitutes}

I better add stationary to my favorite spot.


Freeze Family said...

I so love your lists.. and I wish I had a spot that the morning sun came in and warmed it up!! Love to see you posting again....

carmen said...