Friday, March 26, 2010

Visiting the Neighbors

Day #11 {Oh, Henry!} That's this peacock's name. Remember I said that we would visit some well known and not so well known spots in Redlands and beyond. This is probably a not so well known spot, but we had to bring you along for the ride.

When I heard that they had baby chicks I knew that we had to stop for a visit. My camera battery died so I only took a few pictures. I didn't get a shot of the baby chicks. They were so sweet too. This place belongs to the Martha Stewart of ........, I almost said where. More about this amazing person when we give all the answers tomorrow.

I guess this is the last day for the contest.
The last real day of Spring Break.
We're so sad that it's come to an end already.
But we had a lot of fun in our adventures of Redlands and beyond.
We still have so many places to go.
We'll save them for next time.
Thanks for playing along!


Gina said...

brachen bird farm?

Kate said...

I don't know! But I just wanted to say that I have had fun playing! And I am so excited to hear all of the answers- there are some places we need to visit soon!

rach said...

Im guessing that you visited the Arnott's.

This has been so fun. I can't wait to see the list of all the places you went during the break. You are such a cool mom/friend.

Anne said...

The only peacocks I know of live at Oak Glen, or parrish ranch. pretty sure that's not it though.

Purcell's Party said...

Martha Green's House??