Saturday, March 20, 2010

Orange Blossoms in the Air

Day #6: The only soda worth getting.
Stewart's orange cream soda. It's so good.

But where do you find it?
I used to get it at Loma Linda Hospital in the cafeteria.
And here too.
Just a little note on who's winning so far.
Rach, Purcell's Party, and Gina are only one behind. Let's do six more days and see who gets the plate of cookies.


Anne said...

I think I know! the fruit stand on yucaipa blvd!

Purcell's Party said...

Grove Stand at bottom of Crafton love love this place! Making all my baby food from the produce there! And Stewart's is the best!!!

Kate said...

I think this is the little fruit/veggie store on Yucaipa Blvd that always has neon signs outside advertising the prices- I have been there but forgot the name

rach said...

Todd's been answering some of these for me and I don't know if he has today or not so Im giving my answer. I think it is the Green Valley Fruit Stand.

guno55 said...

Forget the cookies I will take the children in the picture, that yummy bread and OK if I have to the Soda. Way to chug-A-Lug that soda. You know that I already guessed the place. Yumm.....way to go you Hallen kids. Grandma

Julianne said...

You post these way too quickly, I always get here too late. But I know this one, so I'm going to go with it anyway. It's the fruit stand on Yucaipa Blvd.

Gina said...

the fruit stand on yucaipa blvd! they have some of the freshest stuff there!

Anonymous said...

Nola! What a cute idea to do with the kids for spring break. I don't know Redlands as well as I should. What a great blog you have created and you are certainly not lacking in life experiences to say the very least! I just LOVED your Sabbath Day grocery store experience. love, love, loved it!!!