Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cookies. Cookies. Who gets the Cookies?

Thanks again for playing Where in Redlands and Beyond. You've helped to make our spring break fun.

Here are the answers you've all been patiently waiting for:

#1 Ford Park

Day #2 Gardens at the University of Redlands


#4 Crafton Hills Conservancy

#5 Santa Fe Redlands Train Depot

Green Valley Produce, Yucaipa



#9 Pinkberry, Victoria Gardens

#10 Mill Creek

#11 Jennifer Jensen's Chicken Coop & Citrus Grove
{I'll be getting fresh eggs from Jennifer this {Easter} weekend for hollandaise sauce and custard for the banana cream pie and fresh oranges for yummy orange rolls}
and the winner is.....
The Poulsens
I'll call you and make plans for bringing over the cookies.
There was a three way tie for second place: Gina, Anne, & Megan. We'll probably play this again this summer. Hope you'll join us again. Thanks everybody!


Anne said...

oh Darn! :) Congrats Rachelle! What was day 10?

Kate said...

Thanks Nola! This was so much fun!

Gina said...

that was so much fun nola! i will definetly play again this summer!

rach said...

Sweet! I had a blast playing. There are so many cool things here in Redlands, but we never think to go visiting our own town. Thanks for letting us join your Spring Break adventures. I spent most of my break sitting next to a little Elmo potty :), so I really looked forward to checking out your blog every night and playing your game. Have I told you yet that I think you are the coolest?

PS I want to hear more about Jennifer Jensen.

carmen said...

How FUN! You got some great photos in the process of having a great time enjoying Spring Break with your kiddos!

carmen said...

Your blog looks pretty!