Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Day Soon

I'm home again for a little R & R. We've been in the hopsital since Friday night. Peter's actually doing very well. I'm sorry to any parent who has a child that has ever had to be on I.V. antibiotics. It's a long 7 to 10 day stay in the hospital. Which leads me to a new list. You know how I love lists?

I've been saying, "one day soon..." a lot lately. So at 1 am when I couldn't go back to sleep I started to make a mental note of my list.

One day soon:

  1. ...I'm going to be able to throw away all of Peter's onesies. (I have to keep him in onesies to keep his curious fingers from playing with his central line, aka: his babies.)
  2. we'll be able to have friends over for play dates.
  3. we'll be able to take Peter to the Park.
  4. we won't have to say "chemo" anymore.
  5. Peter will be able to take a normal bath with lots of water.
  6. no more weekend antibiotics.
  7. no more daily, no hourly, worry of a central line.
  8. Peter won't be scratching the rash on his chest caused by the dressing over his central line.
  9. I won't have to type the word central line and wonder if people know what I'm talking about.
  10. John & I will be able to go to the temple together again and not worry that we can't be reached if something goes wrong with Peter.
  11. we will have friends over for dinner again and the missionaries too.
  12. get rid of the tadpoles. They still haven't grown any legs. Something is definitely wrong.
  13. we will get a puppy.
  14. I won't have to pack all of Peter's favorite toys and movies in duffel bags for hospital stays.
  15. cancer will be a memory.
  16. I will catch up on all my thank you notes to doctors, nurses, friends, family, strangers, Pres. Bush, & our ward family.
  17. I will help out other families who are new to childhood cancer. {Get ready friends. I'm going to need your help.}
  18. John and I are going to have our bed back to ourselves. Sorry Peter, the time is coming for you to move on to your bed. We'll see how that goes...
  19. I'll be back to doing the car pool. Thanks Grandpa, Grandma, & Amy!!!
  20. start up the card exchange again.
  21. I'll be able to trade babysitting with friends again.
  22. I'll be able to take Peter to church with us and reacquaint him to the nursery.

Don't get me wrong. Saying, "one day soon..." is not the same or even close to saying, "I'll be happy when..." I'm already happy. I'm just looking forward to my one day soon.

I hope to share some really good news tomorrow or one day soon. I don't want to jinks it so you'll have to check back one day soon.


Heather said...

I like number 12...and I have never thought to write a thank you note to a ex-pres. for a job well done. You are truly amazing! Can you write a how to book...title it, Nola's how to be a great: Mom, friend, and all round person. But really I think I do have a copy already. I'm pretty sure you get your inspiration and guidance from the good ol B of M.

carmen said...

I LOVE YOU! You somehow always make me laugh through my tears, which is one of the best emotions, you know! You are an amazing person that brightens up the lives of all who know you. :o)

K.Hatch said...

One Day will see your crazy family from Wa.! We will miss you, three! I'll take good care of your daughters....or they will take good care of me?
We love you....and one day soon....I will see you face to face!

Janice said...

I remember before Tony and I were married we used to make lists of our "somedays". I think it's great to look forward to the blessings of the future. I'm so happy that most of thost "one day soons" will be sooner than you think.

Thuh Daynuh's said...

So glad we can see how things are going with our blogs! What a lucky boy to have a mom like you!