Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome New Members to the Hallen Fold

There are two new members of the Hallen Family we'd like to show off.

This is sweet little Harry, as grandma calls him. His official name is Harrison Hallen James. He belongs to Laura and Rob, John's youngest sister. The Family migrated up to Utah over President's weekend for the baby blessing. Meagan & Addie drove up with Grandma & Grandpa to chaperon and keep things lively. Gary's family followed keeping grandpa on a timely schedule. Kristen's family came from Washington and John, Andrew, Peter & I stayed home recovering from the ten day and final stay in the hospital. Oh, we missed out on a lot of family fun: snowball fights, swimming in the hotel, Temple Square, Church Museum, movie, blessing, family luncheon and more.

What a sweetie. I hope to see him soon and hold him and get some real baby time with a newborn. Some say he looks a little like Andrew at this young age. I see a whole lot of Rob in him. I think that I'm going to call him sweet checks. And look how great Thys is at holding his new little cousin.

Here's the second newest member

A whole different kind of cuteness.

This is Boog Hallen. He belongs to Peter, Andrew, & the girls. While the girls were up in Utah we went out dog shopping to fill their void. No, we told the children that after Peter's cancer was over we would get a puppy. We researched and studied and we all decided on either a St. Bernard or Bernice Mountain dog. Then we found Boog. He's named after the bear on the movie Open Season. Peter loves that movie. It got us through these past eight months.

He's four months old. He has really big paws and he's good natured, so far. He's starting to eat a lot. And that only means one thing. Lots of poo. So it's a good thing we have three children who were just trained today on how to pick up that.

I was hoping for a little break and a slow transition into life again. I was wrong. No resting. This is life. But we have four happy children and I get to cross off #13 from my some day soon list. That's a plus!


carmen said...

What a cute little baby. I love babies - there's nothing better. And that puppy - oh my gosh! Almost as good as a baby - but Oh my heck!! A Saint Bernard??!! We've got a German Shepherd and he's pretty big. I can't even imagine having a Dog that big in our house!! I think you are truely about to reach Sainthood!! Honestly, I hope your kids are wonderful and truely help out with him, because my experience is that it is usually mom that ends up taking care of the new puppy. (I have to admit, though, that Jack has really helped out a lot with our dog!) What a cute name, too. I love it! :o)

Lindsey said...

Too cute. Your kids are going to have so much fun with him.

K.Hatch said...

Love this post and the post below! Wow....that made me cry! Happy Poop picking up! And....don't get me wrong...there will be some BIG poop coming from that dog!

Heather said...

that "puppy" is as big as my full grown dog. I hope you love drool. but really boog is cute

Gina said...

aww they both are so cute!!

Natalie said...

That is a BIG PUPPY. I bet the kids are love having the dog.

I can not express how happy I was when I read your post about the last Chemo treatment. That is the BEST NEWS!!

Tricia said...

so cute! Audrey is drooling right now looking at it. She is so dog hungrey. We are looking into something like a cockapoo or another small indoor, low shedding, easy to train,... ok so basically we don't want a dog right now. ha ha.