Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bonus Buy Week

I had three hours to find coats for Meagan and Addie for their Utah trip. So we went to Gottchalks in San Berghetto on a tip from a friend to find them. When I passed the Clinique counter I had to stop for some products that I was totally out of. The first question I always ask is when is the Bonus Buy Week. That's when you can buy $30 in product and you get little samples of 6 or 7 other products for free. I love it. Anything for free is always a good thing.

Just my luck it wasn't starting until the next week. The Sales woman was itching for a commission and was really working on me to buy it now and come back for the bonus and more next week. There's only so much money and time you know.

So I tried to put here off by telling her that I couldn't remember which clarifying lotion # I needed. That lead us to the little slider questionnaire - quiz thing. She proceeded to quiz me on my skin. (oh, you have to know that this was during the 10 day stay with Peter in the hospital. I was on day 7 of that stay. And remember I was out of my clinique stuff, so my face had not been properly washed for a few days. Gross. I know. But life was not normal- but the CLinique lady doesn't know this.)

First question: "If you don't wear sunblock and you're in the sun does your face get sun burnt?"
answer: Yes... I mean. We live in So. California. It's sunny and hot here.
Then she followed up with, "But does it turn into a tan?"
Okay that's a yes, (after the peeling and if you count the patch of new freckles a tan).

Second question: "Do you have break outs?"
answer: No. (unless you count this little trip to the mall a break out)
follow up: "How about once a month?" (why doesn't she believe me?)
answer: oh, okay...

Third question: "Where on your face are you worried about lines?"
answer: I looked at her and thought to myself, "I'm not worried about any lines." Then she must have read my mind because then she handed me a mirror. Oh, the nerve of this woman. So I looked in the mirror and said, "Ah, I guess around my eyes???" (Like I was asking her if that's where she was worried about my lines.)
follow up: "Then she said out loud, "several areas" and moved the slider to that little slot."

I was not having fun with this game, but it looked like she was.

Then the next question: "Do you have oily skin?"
answer: Not anymore.
follow up: "Like, around your nose and forehead."
answer: "Okay!" (Notice the exclamation mark!!!)

Then she tallied up my answers and told me that I failed and nothing would help me. I was beyond help. No. Just kidding.

This was her next comment. I loved it. "Your face would benefit from many of our products."

I think because Meagan was standing next to me that I held it together and politely said that we ran out of time and would just purchase the products at the Redlands store instead.

I was looking so forward to doing just that until one morning last week I had a break out. A huge, enormous, 16 year old adolescent pimple for everyone to see right under my nose. It's so big, even the puppy barks at me. I don't dare show my face around a clinique counter now.

So long bonus buy week.


rach said...

You always have the craziest experiences. It just cracks me up.

carmen said...

Oh my gosh! I just loved this - you are sooooo hiliarious!! You were always so fun to be around in high school, and I can see that you carried that sense of humor through with you, which is great because it can really carry you through sometimes, huh?? Too cute! Have a great rest of the week, Nola!

Ziino People said...

Hi Nola,
I'm sure you don't remember me, but I lived across the street from you a few years back on Pebble street(my name is Shawna). I was looking at my Sister-in Law Lizzy's blog when I came across your name on her list( I was being nosy!). I had no idea that your son was sick, and it made me cry to see his pictures. I'm so glad he's doing okay now! You and you beautiful family are in my thoughts.