Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekly Inspiration

This picture of Peter was my "weekly inspiration."

I had a cold this past weekend and felt terrible. I stayed in bed on Sunday to get extra rest. I'm still trying to get over it.

What a pleasant surprise to happen upon this photo today, of "Peter the Great" helping his dad build the play set. Addie took it on Saturday.

Please, nobody tell him that he isn't feeling well.

Where does he find the energy? I think it comes down to one thing. Desire. He wants to be out there with Dad and Andrew. He doesn't let the lack of energy or illness keep him down.

I've heard Dr. Laura talk about not giving into the "but, I don't feel like it" mentality.

So Peter wanted to go on a walk this morning and I "didn't feel like it." A little bell sounded in my head and...I put down the dish towel and we went on a walk. This time no stroller. Peter's hand in mine and Andrew on his scooter. We ran down the block chasing Andrew, Peter laughing the whole way. Me, smiling, grateful to have two happy boys. We stopped for rocks, bugs, and foxtails.


carmen said...

You are my daily inspiration, You were my inspiration today to not be "too busy" with things that can wait. Our little sweeties are only little for so long, and then maybe they don't want to hang out with mom and dad as much. Thanks, Nola!

K.Hatch said...

love your words of wisdom!