Sunday, February 8, 2009

There's a silver lining

How beautiful is this? Well, the camera wasn't able to capture the true beauty of this sunrise. {Notice how I blame the camera. Couldn't be the one working the camera that's the problem.} But it was an exceptional sunrise the other morning so I had to take it's picture.
Just a quick update on Peter. He has just one last round of chemo to go. Last week because of his low white count it was postponed. All I want is to get this over with. So when Wednesday rolled around again and his lab work came back good we were looking forward to this all coming to an end very soon.
Then there was a change in events. We checked in Wednesday night so he could be hydrated for the chemo to start in the morning on Thursday. Then two hours later at midnight, during normal vitals check, the nurse was alarmed when the thermometer read 102 degrees. He has a temperature!The lights went on. The crew came in. It's a serious thing to have a temperature on the oncology ward I found out. The blood work was sent to the lab and antibiotics were given. The waiting game is not a fun game to play, especially with a two year old in a hospital room.
By Friday, Peter was back to normal. The first of the blood cultures came back negative. And the doctor sent us home in the evening.
Then two hours later. The doctor called and told us that we had to bring him back immediately. "His blood is infected" {I snuck in a shower first} But he looked totally fine.
Peter has been very fortunate not to have an infection this whole time through chemo. It's common with chemo patients having Central lines.
I keep thinking how blessed we were that Peter was in the hospital when he got the temp and they were able to start antibiotics right away. What a blessing. This kind of infection can be very serious. Heavenly Father is trying to make this as easy as possible for us. I know that and I am grateful.
And I'm learning that life doesn't go according to my schedule. What's my hurry anyway???
So John's with Peter and I'm home for the afternoon. Oh, to lay in my bed. What a wonderful thing. I didn't, couldn't sleep. But that's okay. I just rested under my feather down comforter. Warm. Listening to the rain and resting. It felt good. Trying not to feel guilty that Peter's at the hospital. The good thing, he's having fun with dad. I'm sure he's getting some daddy juice and watching movies.
We're hoping to be home tomorrow night. I get to be nurse mommy for the week. Yet another skill I get to learn. How to administer antibiotics in his Central line.
I should have been a nurse.


Janice said...

Your perspective continues to amaze me. You truly are an inspiration to all you know you. I know this is a difficult time, but your positive attitude is like no other. Where others would complain, you always find the silver lining. I want you to know that you inspire me to be more positive. I love you Nola and I hope and pray this trial will be over very soon.

carmen said...

DITTO to what Janice said!! I love you, Nola, and I hope and pray that this will all be over for you and your family and Peter very soon. When it is, I'm sure that you will be blessed beyond measure (I know you already have) for your faithfullness and for your ability to always see the positive side of things and to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in all of your experiences.

Heather said...

I thought you were a nurse?'re the best i love you posts.