Friday, January 23, 2009

Hero of the day

What a day!

I was feeling enormously proud of my efforts towards
my motherly duties.
picture of boys taken a year ago

Any mother that wakes up early to bake homemade rolls for a preschool aged son's Snow & Mitten party would be pleased with herself. Especially, after being awake with the other son from midnight until 4am for the past two nights. The chemo has thrown his sleeping routine off a bit. It's okay. At least he's happy when he's up during the night. We've taught him how to run the dvd/vcr and tv. Actually, we didn't teach him. He just picked it up. WOw. That kid is a smart one or it may be a sign of too much movie watching. My father-n-law would say he is mechanical.

Also, the dishwasher unloaded and loaded, and kitchen cleaned up all before the morning mass Exodus to school. A double bonus for the good mommy of the morning award for not raising my voice one time.

Grandpa Doug came over to be with Peter so I could work my day at Andrew's preschool. We picked up his fellow class mate and great friend. We talk about trucks, Dooleys (trucks with two rear tires each side), real boy things all the way to school.

We return home after the crazy, fun time at preschool, exhausted, not Andrew though. Lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me and the return of my low back pain is starting up again thank you to the little school chairs and bending over to help the children with their snowman art project. It's okay though, I have a muscle relaxer that I can take when John gets home, in case it knocks me out.

But first, I had to take Peter on the animal tour of Redlands and Mentone. He was begging to get out to see the pig and the moo, and the alpacas. Pictures of these local residents to come in the future. You must know, the pig is huge. Peter thought it was a horse. Seriously big. This has became an almost daily ritual for Peter these past six months. He loves animals. When he's not feeling well and has cabin fever we go on the tour. Highlight of the day for him.

Then the next highlight of the day. John gets home early from work. He and Andrew head outside to work on the play set {this has been a year long project} I'll spare you the details of the rise and fall and then rise again of the play set. After 15minutes John struts in to tell me the conversation he's been having with Andrew.

Andrew talks non stop. He has a lot to say. And he has a lot of questions to ask. A LOT. In between the hammering. Andrew tells John, "I love building. You're the best dad." My heart really melted and I was happy for that, but..... He didn't even go to work today. He was golfing with work buddies. He's not home 15 minutes and he gets the praises of Andrew. Not easy to get.

The last time I got "mom, you're awesome." was a year ago when I made cookies with m&m's in them. And believe me I've been awesome a few times this past year.

John's turn tonight for the midnight to 4am duty.


Janice said...

Do you remember the old Calgone commercials? I don't know if I even spelled that right, but it something to do with a woman's bath and the punch line was "calgone, take me away!" You need some calgone--or something to take you away for a nice relaxing BREAK! I say for sure John's turn tonight and Nola. . .you are the MOM OF THE YEAR! Andrew knows it too, it's just easy to take mom for granted.

carmen said...

Nola, reading this made me feel like I was lacking in my duties as a mom - You are an amazing woman and mom, and trust me, just because the kids aren't singing your praises, all of the hard work and effort that you make each day does not go unnoticed. They just take you for granted because you are always there, with them. Dad is a novelty. It's the same with us. When Erik comes home from work, the kids all do a little dance and jump up and down, and wow, dad is really the cool guy. He's not with them all day long, so he doesn't loose his cool as quickly, as say, mom does!! But the kids love us just as much, and we have to remember that!! You are making so many good memeories for them, and they will treasure all the great things that you do for them as they get older. Keep up the AWESOME job!! Love, CK

K.Hatch said...

That is not fair....when we don't get sung praises! I will sing you praises!.....I need to call you!
ummmmm....wish I was sinking my teeth into one of those rolls!

Carey said...

I'm sure he doesn't have to announce when you're being the best Mom ever because to him you're likely ALWAYS the best Mom ever.

Heather said...

All I have to say is if I am 1/4 as cool of a mom as you then, well I will be a happy person. I am so excited to have amazing role models such as you and the other amazing ladies in the ward in my life. I feel truly blessed to have you as a friend. You give me nice pick me ups. Thanks Nola!

stacey said...
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