Friday, January 9, 2009

Did you feel it?


It happens when you least suspect it. You might be cleaning, or just relaxing, or yes, you may even be on the toilet {2002}. No alarms go off. Out of no where without a warning the earth jolts, shakes, sometimes we hear only a loud groan, or a shutter, sometimes just the house creeks.

Last night at 7:49, {if you click on the highlighted words in red it will show you recent earthquakes. Then click on the big blue square and get the details of the earthquake.} I was giving Peter a little lesson on cleaning up a mess he made in the pantry with paper plates. Then it happened. An earthquake. This time it was a large jerk and then another. Then it turned into a gentle roll. Addie noticed the ceiling fan swaying. Andrew, who was sitting right next to Addie, didn't even notice. I think he was jumping off the couch at the same time.

So Duane, you missed it by a week. Maybe on your next visit you'll experience the rattling of your nerves knowing the earth just shifted.

Food storage. It's a good thing...


Ms. Kristen said...

R U ok? I was waiting for the call....since I am the person to call into! JK! I love all your posts. They are always so inspiring!

Cheryl said...

I felt the really big one at 7:52p.m. It shook the whole house.

rach said...

Yes, I felt it. I thought someone kicked the couch. I always get a nice burst of adrenaline, because I always jump up and go for the children, just incase it turns into a big one.