Saturday, October 4, 2008

Make a Wish

Why do I think that making a wish when blowing out my birthday candles is like finding a genie in a bottle and being able to make three incredible wishes? I don't hold back when making wishes. It's my birthday. The sky's the limit. Top three wishes: Peter's cancer to disappear and no more chemo, the hair on my head to all grow back, finding the perfect dining room set at a garage sale. See what I mean?

Addie asked me in a serious tone what I wanted for my birthday. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted that was under $1000. She made me a darling card and had everybody write sweet birthday wishes. It's a treasure.

I loved my birthday. I was given the gift of good food. John took me out to dinner the night before. Then for breakfast he and the children woke up early and made me my favorite homemade buttermilk waffles with all the extras. The table was set with a tablecloth and cloth napkins. That touched me. Then for lunch Cheryl, Amy & Jenny took me out to lunch to Mimi's. It was great. I laughed a lot and didn't have to worry about Peter because Kathy & Doug were taking care of him.


Ms. Kristen said...

Who doesn't like the gift of food?
Happy Birthday! Love the cake picture....can I lick the frosting?
My wish is for Peter to get better too!

carmen said...

I love you, Nola. It's fun to read your messages on your blog. I'm glad you had a nice birthday.

rach said...

Happy Happy Birthday! That was so thoughtful of Addie. Im glad you had a great birthday. After seeing the cool desk you found Im sure you will find the dining set you are looking for. If you ever need a hunting buddy or a truck to cary the awesome table set your going to find (wishes do come true, especially birthday day wishes) just let me know :)