Monday, October 27, 2008

Sweet Surprises

I took Peter to a doctor's appointment today. A routine, once a week visit for blood work and outpatient chemo. He's getting use to these visits. He doesn't fight or cry to get his weight, height, or blood pressure checked anymore. That's a big improvement. Next, he sees the doctor. Our favorite one {they're all wonderful} Dr. Horvath, is a very kind, tender hearted, grandmother. She was out today. She has a clock in her office on a shelf behind her desk. There's a drawer under the face of the clock and it plays music when the drawer is opened. The Doctor has made a little game up with Peter. She's taught Peter about the drawer and leaves a little wrapped chocolate in it for him to find. When ever he goes to an appointment he always walks into her office and pulls out the clock drawer for his little surprise. He loves chocolate. It makes him happy and the rest of the visit goes well and he never complains to "go to see the doctor." So when he went to the clock today I knew he was going to be disappointed. He wasn't. There inside the drawer was his piece of chocolate. What a sweet woman! I'm a grateful mother.

Thanks Addie for the blanket fort!


rach said...

How sweet. That is a very special woman. Im so glad Peter has been blessed with such good doctors. It makes me tear up just to think about it.

carmen said...

I bet that made Peter's (and your) Day!!