Sunday, October 5, 2008

Peter the Great

This is the reason for starting the blogging world.

Peter's story in brief. He was a normal, happy, healthy, active little boy. No reason to think otherwise. Early in August I took him to a routine well baby check. The doctor found his liver to be enlarged and order all kinds of tests. The next day they determined it to be a large tumor in his liver and scheduled more testing. We were in shock and feared all kinds of scary things. I can't even explain the sadness that entered our lives, family, our home. We quickly asked for priesthood blessing, prayers, and a special family & ward fast. The next week brought more pain and questions, but also brought some tough answers. He was diagnosed with hepatoblastma. A very rare liver cancer that only attacks children three years and younger. He's really one-in-a-million. We are reassured by his expert doctors and a peace that comes from our knowledge and faith in or Savior, Jesus Christ, and his gospel .

Now it's been over a month and ending our second course of chemo. The miracle has already happened. The tumor responded well. The liver is back to normal size and after the 4Th course of chemo we should find out by ct scan what the next step will be. Peter is amazing. We are very hopeful of a good outcome. This is a hard battle to fight but every one's prayers has given us strength and Peter is a fighter.
We are so grateful for all the prayers offered on Peter's behalf. We are also very grateful for family support, and especially for Kathy & Doug who help out at every turn. What a team they are! Together with our family, friends, and ward members our burden has been lighted and it makes this trial easier to bear.


Purcell's Party said...

He's so cute! Love it! So excited you've entered the blogging is not added to your list?? So sad! =) Just kidding. Hope you had a great birthday! You deserve it!

Ms. Kristen said...

i love the title! Just like I love Peter the Great books! He is GREAT
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carmen said...

Nola, I absolutely love your blog. I love reading your posts. They make me laugh and they make me cry. You are such a beautiful person. Ok, so you will have to teach me how you make your blog look so cute. Mine is so plain. I would like to add the "about me temple picture to my blog, and I can't figure out how to add my friends' blogs down the side like you did with yours. Please let me know how you did this!! I could probably put the temple link on my facebook page, too, huh??!! Ok, so be in touch. Take care, sweetie. CK

Thuh Daynuh's said...

Cute blog, Nola! It was great to hear about Peter! We're adding you guys to our "Linky List"!

Tricia said...

It's a great lesson for everyone to remember once again how fragile life is. Hopefully there won't be any more of this in our family!! I found out today Annie's mom was in a bad motorcyce wreck, not wearing a helmet and is in critical condition in an induced coma. can you believe it?