Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Full Moon & Brilliant Sunsets

For two weeks now Addie
has been on an evening quest. The National PTA Reflection Program is on... Addie enjoys participating in this every year. Last year she wrote a poem. The theme this year is "WOW". She's decided that she wants to capture a WOW photo. Something that makes her or somebody who looks at the photo say, "WOW". Every night she's been taking pictures of the sunsets. Then we realized that there was a full moon. So the last two nights we have gone out all over the hills and side streets to capture the full moon. Here are some of her attempts. I don't think we have the right camera lens or camera. But we've had fun. Last night we got into position too early and could hardly wait for the moon to come up. When it finally did, the kids were so excited they cheered.


rach said...

What a fun challenge. Be sure to let us know what picture Addie picks. That sunset is amazing though.

carmen said...

How fun! I hope you guys get just the right shot!

Amy Strong said...

Go Addie! You've got some beautiful pictures!