Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Dream Come True

Andrew talks in his sleep about being a working dad. "A working dad is a dad that works and builds and fixes stuff." He loves going over to Brother Asbury's house to help him on the backhoe. We've had many conversations about why we can't get one for our house. He's still holding out that one day we might get one.


Ms. Kristen said...

SOOOOO! CUTE! I love your last two posts! It is fun seeing a picture of my mom! Put more pictures of mom and dad on your blog!
Happy Birthday! You are da best mamma! Especially to a boy who needs lots of attention!
Happy Conference weekend!

carmen said...

Okay, Nola, so I totally love you sooooo much! Your blog is so cute (you'll have to give me some pointers) When I read the cute things that you've written, it takes me back. You were always so much fun to be with. Your family is beautiful! I'm glad we can keep in touch this way. You should check out my blogs, too.
www.wikerfamily.blogspot.com (this is an older one that I don't put new posts on anymore)
and www.wolvescheer.blogspot.com
I hope to chat with you again soon! Take very good care!

rach said...

Nola, you are so cute. I'm so glad that you are blogging now. I love your posts they are so sweet and special. Andrew on the backhoe is super cool. And Meagan's quilt looks amazing. I think that is one of the best projects to make, because she will have it forever. I love the little tribute to "Twilight". You have such a great family. I will enjoy reading your blog. Im adding it to my friends list if that is okay. Have a great day.