Thursday, October 9, 2008

He searched and searched the patch for this one.
It was so heavy.

The John Deer. Andrew's choice of transportation.

Notice the llama's ears. As I was taking this photo I heard the farmer tell that when a llama's ears are flat that means he's not very happy. Andrew looks happy though. Have you read the children books about the llama? The latest one we read is called: Llama, llama, mad at mama. I'm calling this picture: Llama, Llama, Andrew Drama.

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Amy Strong said...

I love the Llama, Llama, Andrew Drama picture. I LOVE your blog too. You're capturing so many sweet moments--not just with the camera, but with the journaling that so often we forget by the time we get around to scrapbooking the pictures. I already added you to my list of favorites. Keep this up.