Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lovely Sabbath Days

I love Sundays. So peaceful and restful. The children always end up playing games in the living room because it still only has two chairs and a piano . Plenty of room for Peter's favorite games, ring-around-the-rosie, London Bridges, and 1,2,3, go!

Sacrament Meeting was very entertaining today. It was the Primary presentation today. The Sunbeams stole the show once again. They were so cute. Andrew remembered most of his part. Addie played a song on her violin with the darling Wolfgramm family singing along. She played perfectly.

Pictures taken in February of Addie & Peter


Ms. Kristen said...

Cute! Addy and Peter are defiantly Hallen children! I love those pictures!
Now, we need to get Laura and Cheryl to start a blog.......even mom! Then we can all keep in touch!
Happy new week for you and Peter!

Ms. Kristen said...

You need to comment on my blog!