Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thoughtful Surprises

I've seen Wordless Wednesdays. Flashback Fridays. Funny Fridays. I once tried to start Truly inspiring Tuesdays.
I need to start something new for the fun, little surprises I find in my camera. Sometimes it's Meagan and other times it's Addie, who take random pictures that I happen to find when I down load my pictures from my camera. They surprising uplift my glum day. Like today, I was washing the dishing when I took a break to put on my blog to listen to my Christmas play list. Aren't you just enjoying it too? And then I got side tracked, which happens to me when I sit at the computer. I remembered that I had pictures to download and what a pleasant surprise to come across these amazing pictures. Meagan's been reading the owner manual for the camera and she apparently figured out how to use the timer.
Oh, I love these girls.


Cheryl said...

They are gorgeous girls and who could not love them. They are so gracious, sweet and fun. Our family can't get enough of them. It is such a blessing to be so close and spend the Christmas season together and practically every day too!

carmen said...

Just Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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