Monday, December 14, 2009

Exchanging Ornaments

Cheryl started a little tradition three years ago. A Christmas ornament exchange. We love it. This year it was my turn to host. I think that I prefer Cheryl hosting it...

First, I had to find 12 willing friends to make ornaments. Believe me. Some try to get out of it. So we, Cheryl & I, bribe them with a delicious brunch.

Next, I make cute invitations. As cute as Cheryl would produce. That's a lot of pressure.

And then the fun part. We search all our Christmas books, recipes, favorite blogs, & websites for the perfect Christmas brunch menu. This year it was buttermilk pancakes with blueberry sauce topped with a caramelized pear, inspired by Cheryl's stay at a bed & breakfast this summer on Victoria Island. Some times we try some thing new like candied bacon. Sweat & savory.

Oh what a beautiful sight.

I really enjoy this tradition. For two hours I get to hang out with incredible women, laugh, eat, and relax. Finally we decide to exchange.

Rachelle P. showing us her soda pop bottle cap ornament. So cute.

Rachelle L. showing off her darling vinyl ornament. Loved it! And Cheryl presenting her cheerful signs. Very sweet and festive. I hung mine on the Merry Christmas Wreath on my front door. Really love it!

And here's the rest.
Can you guess which one is mine? Next year I'm doing something with vinyl.
Every ornament has a story. Lisa's owl is made out of all recycled materials. She's so clever. Amy's ornament is inspired by something her mother does every year. Amy's whole tree is decorated with ornaments that are Christ centered. Perfect. I could go on and on. Each ornament I will cherish.


Lindsey said...

o my gosh, you were right. Best year ever...everything is so stinking cute. And the food looks so good. I cant wait to get those all on my tree! It looks like you did so good as hostess, I wish I was still there so that I could take a turn. :) See you in a few days.

Cheryl said...

Nola you pulled it off and were FABULOUS!!!! Every ornament is amazing and I love them all! If nobody wants to host I guess I can do it next year.

Amy Strong said...

You can bribe me with your brunches ANY TIME!!! Great party! And my favorite is the proclaiming the gospel angel ornament that will now adorn MY tree every year for the rest of my life!