Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mommy Preschooler

I'm a month behind with all my household, motherly, wifely and blogging duties. The laundry is upstairs sprawled out on the couch, waiting patiently to be folded or hung up. I'm so glad that Meagan and Addie do their own. The door to the guest room/craft room remains closed, hiding the scary mess and piles of tissue paper, construction paper, paints, papers... All because it's been my turn along with Cheryl, for preschool. Four long weeks of hosting preschool. Taking our turn to teach six little preschoolers. Three of them are boys. Three of them are left handed. Three of the are three. Yikes. And only two mommies. But these two mommies loved it.

This week was the letter "A". All about apples. We also learned all about spiders, ghost, and pumpkins. Did you know that spiders have 7 knees on each of their eight legs and they have eight eyes? The things you learn in preschool.

Play time. I wish there was a picture of me & Cheryl inside while the children were out playing.

We painted paper sacks, toilet rolls, feet, thumbs, hands, paper plates, paper, table, chairs, kitchen sink....

We sang new songs. Five little pumpkins.

We made goo and made lots of things using glue.

Preschool Halloween party. So fun. We ate fingers and mummies. .

The mommies are great cooks.

Some of the moms in our group.
So now, I'm back to real, grown up life. Looking forward to our turn again in February, but also looking forward to a little break. Marianne and Misty: tag you're it!


carmen said...

I just love what a fun, wonderful mom you are! I bet you made Halloween magical. It looks like you all (especially the mommies) had so much FUN! I made those little mason jar jack-o-lanterns this year, too! How much fun was that?! We made ghost, frankenstein,and monster versions, too. A great project for little kiddos! Thanks for signing my guest book. I have to normally beg people to sign it - no one ever does, so I was SO HAPPY to see your cute photo on there and your nice comments. I love you, Nola!

Ms. Kristen said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!! You are a super mom and preschool teacher! We need to swap ideas!

Amy said...

You and Cheryl were so great! Thanks for all you did last month. Maryn LOVED EVERYTHING you did. You deserve a big, long break!