Saturday, July 25, 2009

100th Post - I'm Doing a Give-Away

What an accomplishment! Some may think not...But a few weeks ago on my nineteenth wedding anniversary John brought home a very thoughtful gift for me. He had our blog all printed up and what a sweet bundle that was to receive.

How good it feels to have our life for this past year written down, never to be forgotten.

I want to celebrate this grand day in true blogger fashion by hosting a give-away. Hm mm, what to give away?

I already gave away our old deep freezer...

There is a little something that I just sewed up the other day. It might entice one of my nine followers to make a comment on my not so famous but infamous blog.

This cute bright, cheery ruffle apron:

I found the idea from this cute & fun blog.

I added the top part to "make it my own"

So here are the rules for my very own give-away:

1. You need to make a comment stating your name (that links me to your blog or email) and your favorite post that I wrote and why. IE: Martha Stewart, I just loved the post titled Bonus Buy Week. It made me laugh so hard. You're so funny. (I have a feeling that she stalks my blog and didn't I quote her accurately?)

I guess that I only have one rule.

Then on Wed., July 29Th some time in the morning I'll have Peter pick one of the comments from a glass jar. I'll be in touch with the winner and probably drive it over to your house that day, unless it's my friend or sister-n-law from WA and I'll mail it.

Good luck everybody. I know you are all just dying to win this exciting give-away.


carmen said...

I am soooo excited!! Who doesn't love a giveaway, right?? The apron is adorable, but I would have left a comment, anyway. I wanted to say thanks for voting for my family for the photo sitting give away, we're in the lead, but only by a bit, so if you know anyone who wants to vote for us just for the heck of it, I wouldn't hate that!! What a sweet and thoughtful gift that your hubby gave your for your anniversary! SO SWEET!! While I love reading your blog for your sense of humor and your beautiful insights, I think my favorite post of yours is The Invisible Mother. It brought tears to my eyes because I could really relate. We often forget in the ordinary day to day activities what a truely extraordinary job/responsibility we have as mothers - and what a great blessing that is in our life!! I love you, Nola. And I love being able to stay in touch with you this way!! :o)

Purcell's Party said...

Ohh! Love the giveaway idea! That is the cutest apron...I'm gonna have to ask you to do a tutorial in Enrichment sometime! Well, my favorite post is the "I Made It" post, where you made the flag picture. I just knew you would have good results from the doctor, but my favorite part is that you always do things to better yourself and develop your talents. Here you are sitting in isolation, being radioactive, and you don't throw a pity party, you instead do things to better yourself. You are such an example to me, especially when you show such strength throughout your trials! Such an inspiration without even really knowing it! Love it!

rach said...

That apron is adorable. Picking one post is going to be difficult since so many have brought me to tears and have inspired me to do more and be better. Your most recent post did both. "It's Calling My Name" has made me think about how I spend my time with my children and making it count more. You have a great ability to see more in the daily things that surround us. You really do inspire me and many others I'm sure!

PS - "It's Timeless" has got me (and now my Mom) hooked on Garage Sales. Todd thanks you, hehehe :)

Heather said...

Who to choose who to choose. CHOOSE ME! Why cause you love me...If you dont its okay I'll still love you and your daughter...Super cute apron and even cuter model rockin her braids!

Anne said...

That apron is adorable! your crafts are always great! If i won then I wouldn't have to make one myself! My fav post was the pottery barn frame; I never go garage saleing I'm going to have to see what stuff I can find and make cute!

Freeze Family said...

I wish I had your creativity and know how in the craft department!! That has to be the cutest apron I have ever seen!!! My favorite post has to be the One day soon.... I love the list but my favorite part was the line, it's not I'll be happy when, I am already happy. I am just looking forward to one day soon.

Cheryl said...

Nola, this is such a fun apron. And I know because I saw it. I don't think there is anything that you can't make cute and adorable just by touching it. My favorite post was....and there are so many to choose from that this was very hard but I loved the message that you wrote..."Stopping to Smell the Roses" In our busy routines we can take the time to appreciate the simple things in life and recognize them for what they are and how life is still beautiful in the toughest of times.

Amy Strong said...

I totally want to be the winner of that adorable apron!!! As for my favorite entry...I can't possibly choose, Nola. Every entry is inspiring to me...I really mean that. I do miss your music though. Somehow that added a sentimenal touch. Maybe the most memorable are the posts of Peter's recovery. When I have some huge trials, I'm going to borrow your super thoughtful bound blog book,and read your old entries, and get the strength I'll need.