Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Calling My Name

We're roasting in the hot Inland Empire sun. We've made our rounds to grandma's pool to cool off. We hardly turn on the stove or oven any more and still the digits don't get below 80 degrees on our thermostat. Indoor hot is not a good thing. So hot!

Once more to the beach. How could we pass it up? Sand between the toes. Moist ocean air. Cool breeze laced with warmth. Sounds of waves crashing on the shore. And delighted children playing in the overcast sun and doused in sunblock.

I think the first time I played in the ocean was a couple of weeks after John & I were married. {being an Arizona girl the only waves I had experienced were the man made waves at Big Surf in Tempe, Arizona} We drove down to a nice beach home in Mexico with John's family for a weekend. That's when I feel in love...with playing in the waves.

And every time we returned to sunny California I begged John to make time on the summer vacation itinerary for a trip to the beach and time to play in the waves. He taught me how to body surf and boogie board. So fun.

Then time went by and the babies came and I remained under the beach umbrella, happily watching the waves and people playing in them with baby in my arms.

As I sat under the beach umbrella this time, with a camera in hand to replace the baby and snapping away at my children trying to capture the sand crabs I noticed something out in the waves. No, not a dorsal fin. A father and son playing together in the waves. And then the look on Peter's face...So I put down the camera and returned to the water. First, I dug for those ever elusive sand crabs. Then, I became obsessed with Addie in collecting the broken shells.

Next, I heard it...Meagan out in the waves and wanting {needing} some company.

Thanks to the stranger who played with his son in the waves. He reminded me how fun life can be, especially while playing with your children.

No more of just sitting and watching. So long beach chair, umbrella, and presentable hair do.

I'll be out in the waves from now on.

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rach said...

Ah, Nola you always make me a little teary eyed. You are so cool.