Friday, May 8, 2009

Trying not to spend a lot at the Grocery Store?

Are you like me: scouring through all the grocery adds looking for the best deals, trying to plan your menu for the week, and wanting to spend less on your food bill? This is my weekly battle and frustration. I even love baking and cooking and shopping. It's the "trying to save a buck" and not feeling like I'm over paying at the store for our food. The worst is when I go to Stater's to get the strawberries that are on "bonus buy" for $4.99 for 4 lbs and I miss it because it's Wednesday and the bonus buy ended the day before. @###!!!! That always happens to me.

I just came across something that I'm really excited about trying out for free for the next two weeks. Take a minute to check out this give away.

My favorite part of this service is they offer a menu plan with the deals that you can get that week at the store and the recipes are given out too. Here are some of my favorites for this week: fettuccine primavera, pesto chicken sandwiches, honey lime chicken enchiladas, chicken alfredo soup, chocolate chip cake, boston cream pie, french bread. {okay, I can't have any of this except for the homemade french bread, because of my diet} but, Oh my goodness!!! I've checked out the recipes and they're the kind that I like, from scratch, less processed: canned & boxed.

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Amy Strong said...

I signed up...we'll see if I remember to use it. Is it working for you?