Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh, {Baking} Goodness!

These are definitely not on my diet. Aren't they lovely though? Cussing Tarts. Yum.

So... Monday came and so did the beginning of my diet. Not just any old- fad, crash, no carbs, only lemon water or watermelon diet. I'm on the low iodine diet. It's a good one. The only diet I don't cheat on, because it would only mean that I would have to be on it longer. Torture!

Here's the real motivation why I can stick to this hard core diet. My endocrinologist (thyroid cancer doctor) ordered it for my post thyroid cancer testing.

I'm trying to pretend like it's a game. So if you want to play along with me here are the rules:
  • no dairy {what else is there???}
  • nothing from a can
    nothing with salt (because salt has iodine in it)
  • no egg yolks
  • no strawberries
  • no potato skins
  • no fast food eating
  • no soy
  • no deli meat
  • no pork, bacon, bacon bits, ham {this might be a timely diet due to swing flu :0}
  • nothing from the sea
  • no milk chocolate

The no dairy is the hardest, hardest, hardest for me. I bake and cook with it all the time. Oh, I miss butter.

Okay here's what we can eat:

  • fresh fruit
  • fresh veggies
  • oil
  • Jiffy peanut butter
  • salt with no iodine {i use Kosher}
  • 6 oz of fresh meat a day
  • no red dye #something???
  • pasta {but not with a sauce made from dairy}
  • flour tortillas & corn tortillas {but not with cheese}
  • wheat bread
  • real oatmeal
  • rice {not rice-a-roni}

We do this for about 3 weeks. We'll loose about 12 to 15 pounds. That's exciting. It's been 5 days and I fit into two pairs of pants that I've recently out grew. That's a good thing because I've worn out two others. The causalities of stress and too much snacking.

Let me know how you do. I'm hoping to loose a few pounds and hope to never find them again.


dianadana said...

This sounds familiar... only Kyle is the only one wearing old pants. Dang it!

rach said...

those look delicious, you need to post a link to the recipe. Hmmm, I wonder if I could do no dairy? You've got me curious. I just might play your game.

Purcell's Party said... fun to turn it into a game...only you could take food restrictions and make them fun. I have a surprise for you when you are done...lots of butter and dairy stuff in it. Keep me posted!!

Freeze Family said...

I am thinking that if anyone can do this diet thing it's you!! I can't even pretend to start this one!! (Since I HAVE to have my daily gram craker dunk in milk!!)
good luck and I think I have found the lb's you lost!

Anne said...

those tarts look increadible!