Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going Nuclear...

That's right. For the next 24 hours I am so hot that you must keep a 3-5 feet distance from me. I've gone nuclear. I drove myself to the hospital and went down to the depths of the forbidden radioactive corner of it to take my nine, I-132 pills. That was a lot to swallow. Yuk!

All for the sake of testing for thyroid cells & cancer. Not fun. But not painful physically either.
So I can do this. Did you hear me Kristen? "I can do hard things." I love that quote from Sister Dalton.

So the hard part about this {there's a couple} I can't be around my family until tomorrow after my scan when the radiation has worn off. My face actually feels like I'm warm and glowing. I'm sure it is...

John and I have a plan. He was able to stay home from work today to be Mr. Mom. {scary in some ways} Don't get me wrong. He can do it all plus sew on a button, kill a gopher, change a dirty diaper, save me from extra laundry by having the boys wear what they wore yesterday. And I won't go into what I'm scared of...

My plans today is to barricade myself in the guest bedroom and organize, clean, and beautify it. Then I'm going to make this
So now I'm getting more excited about my next 24 hours. I'm rethinking my sadness of no-contact with the family to working on being grateful to have a day to do something that I enjoy without the responsibility of caring for children & others. Like, when does that ever happen? Never.

I'll admit it wasn't easy a few minutes ago when John was out of ear shot of Peter yelling for him for about 10 minutes. I almost failed the test. But I resisted and only poked my head out the door to tell Andrew to go help him find dad.

Now they're gone to do what boys do. What do boys do??? Don't tell me. I couldn't handle it right now. And I'll keep reassuring myself that I'm having fun too.

I can't seem to stop the words of Sting's song repeating in my head...Don't stand so. Don't stand so. Don't stand so close to me. Don't stand so . Don't stand so. Don't stand so close to me.


Ms. Kristen said...

i may have to give you a call.....since you are standing still for a minute. I would love to know what you are doing with the embroidered flag? Pillow or picture frame. You'll have to bring the pattern to Fishlake. You keep on glowing in the guest bedroom....I'll call you later!

Lindsey said...

Oh Nola...you are so awesome. Enjoy the time to yourself! (and I am totally coping that embroidery) I am coming into to town this weekend. ANd If you are feeling well enough I would love to be able to see you. :)