Friday, August 16, 2013

Gone Fishin

I started going to Fish Lake 23 years ago.  John took me there on our honeymoon.  I think we've gone every summer since.  I love it so...
Fish Lake is full of family traditions like troll fishing, North Carolina Rummy, watching the deer that graze in front of the cabin, and long walks along the lake. 
I have my own tradition.  I love to go on a walk with my children down to the lake and sit in this most comfortable bench that looks perfectly towards the lake and watch my children play on the shore and climb on the lava rocks near by. The bench has an inscription carved into it.  It reads: 
Mr. somebody and his birthday - 1997
Gone Fishing.  
What a thoughtful family he has. When I sit on his bench I can't help but relax and enjoy the place I'm in and at.  I don't have a  care in the world nagging at me.  Contentment is all I feel.  My love of being a mother, a wife, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and nature consumes my soul.  It charges me up for the rest of the year and last almost until the next summer.  Then  it's time to go back to Fish Lake and go fishin.

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Dixie said...

Sounds lovely, Nola!