Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fearless Climber

Duane's 1st peek of Mt. Everest. Day 3 of 10 days to base camp

HAPPY Birthday to my younger, amazing brother, Duane, this week.  He's 40 year's old and he's already climbed to the base camp of the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest.  He's my hero.  His sense of adventure inspires me everyday to climb my mountains.   We have different mountains that we climb.  He seeks out the most adventurous, steepest, challenging, overwhelming ones near and far {and I don't}.  I'm his biggest fan.  I look forward to hearing about his treks and hikes to Half dome, Mt. Whitney, rim to rim of Superstition, and Grand Canyon. 

My mountain isn't a destination it's my daily journey through having F.A.P. and living without a colon and thyroid.  Duane's perspective on climbing a mountain is inspiring.  He's taught me that the view from the top of the world is worth all the pain, training, hard work, foot after foot of miles climbing up a steep trail. 

I can picture a loving Heavenly Father allowing me to face these daily struggles, challenges, a personal Mt. Everest, so when I make it up to the summit I might have a more Godly view of life and love and obtain an eternal perspective. 

I'm grateful to have an adventurous brother, leading the way for me and showing me how it's done.

"Nepal Trip - on top of Cho La, a high pass at 17,650'.
  Hard to climb at places but very satisfying to reach the top. May 2. "
I repeat that little phrase when things get hard...  "Hard to climb at places but very satisfying when I reach the top."  I hope he gets to climb many many more mountains.


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Nola- so glad to see that you are back to blogging. :)