Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love Survivor Stories

I don't remember how I came across Nienie Dialogues...oh, yes I do. I was checking out Kristen's blog, a little over a year ago. There was a really cute button on her side bar that I click on... and it changed my life.

It was a week or two after Peter was diagnosed with cancer, when life was very overwhelming with scary possibilities and fearful unknowns. Truly one of the things that helped me through it was reading
c jane enjoy it {also known as Courtney, Stephanie Neilson's sister}on a daily basis or as often as she posted a new entry. Who knew blogging about her sister's battle to survive a tragic firey airplane crash would help me get through Peter's battle with cancer and beyond?

This is a great story! It's not an easy one to read. It reminds me that life is tough, heartbreaking, and it happens to everyone, even the ones doing all the right things. But we signed up for it. We said, we were willing to do it and it's worth it. I have to keep telling myself this when I get a bit of bad news or have to face another hill to climb over. This is life.

SO if you missed Stephanie Neilson on Oprah yesterday, like I did. I know, I should've made myself a note to remember to watch. How did I forget that???? Ugggg!! Here's a little clip that was shown.

Life is hard but it's beautiful too.

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