Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No More Surprises

John and the boys have been busy the past few weeks building this fence and rose arbor. I think John should start his own blog and call it Crafty Dude. He amazes me with his self taught abilities.

I know that I didn't marry a carpenter. The first year of our marriage we lived in a little basement apartment with little shelf and storage space. He's a problem solver and bought the supplies and a few tools {that a poor college student/husband could afford} to build shelves for our school books and sweaters. He worked all day and into the night. This was the first time I heard what he sounded like when he got frustrated. I learned quickly to leave him alone in these situations and not ask questions. He finished and we had new shelf space above our bed, the only wall space for shelves we had. I was impressed with my husband and he was proud of his new found skills.

The next day while we were eating Sunday dinner we heard a loud crash. Then I heard the newly familiar sounds of frustration again...##!!*@##!! Our newly constructed shelves had collapsed. I remember being relieved that it didn't happen while we were sleeping because of those heavy text books.

Now, 18 years and 11 months later, he has turned out to be quite the fix-it, build it, all around handyman. I love the rose arbor. I can even image the red fragrant roses that will be climbing up the sides of it next year.

Notice the Boy's job: they are testers of the finish project. They get to try it out to see if it will stand up to Boog, the {gentle} giant. Only Boog doesn't know that he's supposed to be gentle. The other problem and hence the reason for the new fence around the garden...Boog has left little, okay giant size, surprises in the potato plot. All I can say is that we won't be harvesting and eating the potatoes this year. They are going straight to the compost bin.


Mama C said...

Awesome! The fence is beautiful. So glad to hear those books did not crash down on you while sleeping!

Anne said...

I'm impressed with that fence too! My grandpa was wood handy too and built my childhood bookshelf, also above my bed. that ended up crashing on my head! Probably not a good place for a shelf!

carmen said...

He did a beautiful job. :o) Lucky you!

Anne said...

Nola I know you love your clinique. Here is a link for a sample!

rach said...

John is so talented. That is a really nice looking fence. Can't wait to see it with flowers blooming all over it.

Amy Strong said...

Go John!!!!