Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's timeless

These make me happy. Silly but practical glass jars. My little job on Saturday mornings. Garage sale shopping; finding deals for everyday necessities, scratching the collecting itch, and rescuing the timeless artifacts of my childhood and the pre-plastic era.

Today's finds:
* one very adorable whimsical glass elephant jar with original tin cap: .50 cents
{it so turns out that it was made in the 1950's and is being sold on eBay for $50.} It actually has a slot in the cap that makes the jar turn into a penny bank. Love it! That just makes me want to save my pennies.

*a pair of Ugg look alikes for Meag & Addie to fight over {Peter likes them too}: $2

*6 or 7 embroidery hoops of all sizes: $2

*8 light green linen napkins in perfect condition. Classy. Can't wait to use them for Christmas or something girly: $1

*a small Longaberger basket -collector's edition {i love it when people don't know what Longaberger is so i can steal it, i mean buy it cheap from them}don't expect this to happen often: .50 cents

Last week's find was a nice buttermilk yellow oval Fiesta platter, flawless for $1. Now, that was a rescue. What would have happened to that sweet platter if I hadn't found it? It hurts just thinking about it. I used it this week when me and the girls made double battered buttermilk/breadcrumb fried zucchini from our garden. Yum. I love that platter.

I love Saturday mornings. See you out there.


carmen said...

I love you!! Love the elephant jar - lucky girl!! How fun!! I want you to come help me find some cute bargains - sad to say, I don't go often enough to have worked my skills at attaining priceless finds, but this makes me want to give it a shot!! Have fun, be good!!

Cheryl said...

I am so jealous!!!! It seems that every Saturday morning is spent driving Madi to Skating class or alone with my children while Gary goes on a camp out for Scouts or has a community meeting to attend. I really love to go so I haven't given up yet...!

Heather said...

Where are YOU going?!

rach said...

Do you just drive around or how do you know where to look? Do they have them listed in the paper?

Amy Strong said...

You make me want to go. Call me next time you need an early Saturday morning shopping partner. You can teach me what Loganberry baskets are--or whatever they are called.