Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Christmas Eve

This was my favorite Christmas memory.

Addie and Madison casted Peter as Joseph and Kendall as Mary for our annual Christmas Eve Nativity reenactment. How do little 2 and 3 yr olds know how to play their roles so perfectly? I was amazed as I watched Peter as Joseph pull the donkey(Cheryl this year) by the rope and knew how to lead her to the manger (the ottoman). And still amazed as Kendall gently lay the baby on the manger. They took turns watching over the baby and wrapping the baby up in the blanket. They may have fought once or twice over the baby. Kendall's motherly instincts kicked in as she tried to nurse the babe. Very funny. And the other amazing thing...they both stayed in their costumes. Amazed I tell you.

The play ended with a series of kisses between Mary and Joseph much to our delight.

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carmen said...

sweet Christimas memories!