Friday, April 17, 2009

New Adventures

This week was the first week of

"mommy preschool."

A long story.

So the brief version is Andrew, like Meagan and Addie, have gone to the Parent Participation preschool through Redlands Adult School, where I am actually the student. It's a parenting class. The parents learn about parenting while the preschoolers learn the joy of learning. Every body's happy. Another benefit of this wonderful program was the cost. Only $175 for a semester for the Monday, Wednesday, & Friday class, along with working one day in the class a week and attending a monthly parenting class.

This is turning out to be the long version. {sorry}

The funding was cut because of California's budget problems, and the program had some changes. Now it cost more. So we opted not to re-register Andrew for the next two months. {there's only so much money, you know} And now he has mommy preschool. Which means mommy is his new preschool teacher. Let the adventure begin!

Every day we work on things he should already know or at least that Meagan & Addie knew at his age. And it's really stressing me out. I don't know how my sister-in-law, Kristen, who is a preschool teacher of 20 or so does it. And she does it happily & well.

I'm not blaming anybody but myself and cancer. Peter's had a lot of my attention this past year and now it's Andrew's turn.

I'm grateful for new adventures.

We're playing a lot of alphabet & number games. I'm coming up with some fun ones all on my own. Then we went on our morning walk and discovered that the ladybugs had come to town. They are all over the place. So we started collecting them and ta-da, new game: count how many ladybugs we can capture.

I feel an art project coming on.


rach said...

We did lady bugs today too! Your such a great mom, so creative and fun. I love your children, and so do Lizzie and Trevor.

carmen said...

Nola, you are amazing. How fun - I bet Andrew had a great time counting ladybugs - that sounds like something I would love to do!! I'm going to put it on my to do list. Great art project, too - You are a AWESOME MOMMY!! Your new background is way cute, btw. I love the colors. I just love that Shabbyblogs - but I'm way too scared to mess with mine for fear of losing everything.I'll have to soon, though, since Easter is over. I accidently deleted my blog list the other day and it took me forever to put everyone back up there - then I realized today that I forgotton one friend. I hope she didn't think that I deleted her on purpose!! Love you, Nola. Happy Spring!